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Teater Refleksion

Read about Teater Refleksion and how to use your free ticket.

Teater Refleksion endeavours to produce theatre of the highest quality in terms of both content and expression.  The use of puppets and animation onstage, with the puppet as medium, is the company’s defining attribute. The themes are often existential, explored in a peaceful, concentrated and immediate atmosphere, creating a space in which children and adults can immerse themselves. The goal is to inspire, challenge and encourage the audience to embrace the challenges which face them in a world which, at times, can be complicated and unmanageable. This is done by addressing the senses and the intellect and by encouraging an open and curious mind.


Your free ticket

Free entrance for 2 adults to the teaters own productions in 2011/2012.

Value: 100 DKK each


Opdateret: 14.3.2014

Afdeling: Business Region Aarhus

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Telefon: +45 89 40 22 22


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