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See how to obtain a tax card and a bank account


As a salary earner in Denmark, you must pay income tax in Denmark. SKAT issues tax cards.

In East Jutland, you can contact SKAT in person at tax centre Aarhus.

Skattecenter Aarhus
Lyseng Alle 1
8270 Højbjerg
+45 72 22 1818 (main no.)

You can read more at the SKAT website (opens in new window)

If your income changes, if you purchase a property, if you take out a loan etc., you must contact SKAT with a view to being issued with a new tax card.


Bank account

You can only open a bank account once you have been issued with a social security number (CPR no.). Your employer may be able to help recommend a local bank or branch. Remember to inform the payroll department of your bank account number.

You must bring your passport and your CPR no.


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