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NemID is your digital signature online. It is just as valid as your handwritten signature.

NemID is your secure login on the Internet when using online banking, making changes in your tax folder or when using self-service solutions from from public sector institutions.




How to obtain a NemID

You need to contact Citizens’ Services to obtain a NemID. You need to be registered with the national registration office and be issued with a Danish social security number (CPR no.) to obtain a NemID.



Contact Citizens’ Services




What NemID can be used for

At most public sector websites, you can use NemID for identification purposes and to access self-service solutions.



On your local municipality’s website, you can often use NemID to report a change of address, put your child’s name down for childcare, or to apply for housing benefit etc. You can also use NemID to log on to online banking, correct your details at SKAT and when applying for a student grant (SU).



Please note that most self-service solutions are only available in Danish.



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