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Samsø is a small island close to Aarhus with an active business community, in particular within tourism and agriculture.

Popular holiday destination

Samsø’s varied and distinctive nature, relaxed island life, the many excellent beaches, the authentic village atmosphere with half-timbered houses and village ponds make the island a popular holiday destination for both Danish and foreign visitors.

Known for its high-quality agricultural produce

Samsø is well known for its fresh high-quality agricultural produce. Agriculture is the main business activity on the island – potatoes, onions, pumpkins, red cabbage as well as strawberries and blackcurrants – followed by tourism. Samsø also produces more exotic crops such as wine and sunflowers.

A vibrant community all year round

With an all-year population of 4,000, a wide range of cultural and leisure activities and 143 associations, Samsø is a vibrant community all year round. Life on the island is characterised by the countryside and a sense of peace and security for children and adults alike. Samsø also has a thriving business community and two large supermarkets.

Self-sufficient in sustainable energy

Samsø has realised its vision of becoming self-sufficient with energy from wind turbines, solar cells, straw firing and other sustainable energy sources. We are proud to be a source of inspiration for others in the effort to combat climate change.


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