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Denmark’s sustainable energy island

Wind turbines have become the trade mark of Samsø, supplying all of the island and part of mainland Denmark with power. In 1997, Samsø was named the Sustainable Energy Island of Denmark with a view to gathering experience from Samsø’s transition to sustainable energy.

Energy from sun, wind and straw

Samsø is self-sufficient in energy from alternative energy sources such as wind turbines, solar cells and straw-fired plants, several of which are owned by the consumers themselves. Local commitment and ownership have been vital for Samsø’s conversion to sustainable energy.

Wind turbines funded by the municipality

The Municipality of Samsø has actively supported the project, among other things by investing DKK 125 million in five of the 10 offshore wind turbines erected south of Samsø. Each year, the offshore wind turbines produce clean and sustainable electricity, corresponding to the annual consumption of 10,000 households.

Academy for sustainable energy

Part of the profits from the municipal wind turbines have been allocated to building the Samsø Energy Academy. The Academy gathers and communicates Samsø’s experience from converting to sustainable energy, and each year has thousands of visitors, including politicians, journalists and students from all over the world.

The Samsø Energy Academy also houses:

Energy Service Denmark

Samsø Energy Agency

Samsø Energy and Environment Office

Read more at www.energiakademiet.dk (opens in a new window).


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