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Welcome to the Municipality of Norddjurs

The Municipality of Norddjurs provides a framework for the lives of its citizens in many contexts – everything from childcare, schooling, nature conservation, business development, eldercare, recreational areas and much else besides.

Denmark is a small country, but we are lucky to be placed right in the middle of it. This means that it is easy getting to and from Norddjurs. Road connections are continually being improved, there is a rail connection to Grenaa, the ‘capital’ of the municipality, and from Aarhus Airport at Tirstrup you can quickly get to Copenhagen and many international destinations.


Norddjurs is well known for its long coastline, which boasts some of the best beaches and fishing in Denmark. The countryside offers a fantastic fauna and flora, rich in terms of both its diversity and splendour. Woods and farming are juxtaposed with rivers, streams, beaches and meadows. All of which is an experience in itself.

As mentioned, Grenaa, with its international port, is the main town in the municipality, but there are also many smaller towns and villages, all characterised by the high level of business and leisure activity, with citizens assuming responsibility – for their own benefit and that of others.


Travelling around Norddjurs is thus a delightful mosaic of past, future, nature, culture, leisure and work. We are fellow citizens in a lovely part of Denmark – welcome once again to our community.


Picture of the Mayor of the Municipality of Norddjurs, Jan Petersen.

Kind regards,

Jan Petersen


Opdateret: 09.7.2015

Afdeling: Business Region Aarhus

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