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Job for international students

Most students like to supplement their granted income from a student job.


The competition for jobs is so tough that many students feel their best chance is to do up their CVs with a student job.


"This is the only solution at present if you want a job when you’re finished studying", says Magnus Pedersen, Chairman of the National Union of Students in Denmark


Work experience is decisive. The students are quite right, according to Emilie Wedell-Wedellsborg, industrial policy consultant from the Danish Chamber of Commerce.


"It is definitely our experience that the employers favour those who have obtained work experience while studying" she says.


Experience shows that 4 out of 5 studio relevant student jobs are found through networking.


Aarhus Municipality has set up a studio job portal (Studiejobaarhus.dk) where students can search for study-related student jobs.


Also check out the below possibilities and networks.



Opdateret: 30.4.2014

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