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Places and rates

To get a childcare place and for information about rates and free places in the City of Aarhus, contact the childcare administration by phone.


The childcare administration can be contacted on tel. +45 89 40 22 22.


Opening hours

Monday and Tuesday: 9.00-12.00

Wednesday: Closed

Thursday 10.00-12.00 and 15.00-17.15

Friday: Closed


You cannot visit the childcare administration offices in person without an appointment.


Rates 2014

Day nursery and
Parental payment
per month excl. meals
as of 1 January 2014
Parental payment
per month incl. meals
as of 1 January 2014
30 hours - under 3 yrs DKK 2,290 DKK 2,675
52 hours - under 3 yrs DKK 3,434 DKK 3,819
30 hours - over 3 yrs DKK 1,198 DKK 1,583
52 hours - over 3 yrs DKK 1,896 DKK 2,181
Child minding  Parental payment
per month - January 2014
Full-time 48 hours a week DKK 2,753
Part-time 32 hours a week DKK 1,835
After-school club Parental payment
per month - January 2014
Year 0 - Year 3 DKK 1,977
Year 4 DKK 1,318


No payment is levied in July.

For rate purposes, a child is considered to be three years old as from the first day of the month after its third birthday.


Free childcare

If your monthly household income (converted to annual household income) is below DKK 502,200, you can apply for partial exemption from payment, and full exemption if your income is below DKK 161,701 a year.


Sibling discount

The special discount for siblings is granted automatically to the child for whom the monthly rate is the smallest. The full rate is paid for the most expensive place, and half price is paid for places for the other siblings.


Opdateret: 21.9.2015

Afdeling: City of Aarhus

Send kommentar: Citizens' Service

Telefon: +45 89 40 22 22


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